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Day 99: Monday 30/07/2012

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After a good nights sleep, Sergio was in great form in the morning time. He went down to the Radiology Department for a special scan called a gastrostomy tube dye study which looks for any leaks present after the last surgery. Brave little Sergio didn’t cry once during the short procedure and the results were extremely good as no leaks were found. We were deeply saddened to hear the sad news about the passing away of Cathy Durkin. We will never forget the love and generosity she showed towards our Sergio. Cathy was such a brave and courageous woman and she will be always be in our...

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Day 97: Saturday 28/07/2012

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With each passing day Sergio is regaining his strength and cheerful character. He has been in tremendous form playing and laughing all the time. A lot of the staff have commented on how strong Sergio has been to come through so many operations and still be able to smile afterwards. His belly is thankfully no longer bloated looking. He is still on a considerable amount of heavy medication and has starting to be weaned slowly off them one by one. With EA babies this weaning process can take months to complete. Cada día que pasa Sergio está recuperando su fuerza y su carácter alegre. Ha...

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Day 94: Wednesday 25/07/2012

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Sergio is doing really well today and has come down slightly on his methadone. He is more awake today and is beginning to respond to social interaction. It’s brilliant to see him smile again when playing peekaboo and loves listening to music. Dr. John Foker, the genius who invented the technique that reattached Sergio’s esophagus, came to visit this morning. Even though Dr. Foker is semi-retired, he has been providing expertise and guidance at different stages of Sergio’s treatment. Without this man’s existence, Sergio and many other babies would not have the best...

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Day 92: Monday 23/07/2012

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Our prayers have been answered today as Sergio’s levels have improved rapidly over the last 24 hours. It has been a good day for Sergio with his vital signs being really stable at the optimum levels. The nurses turned off his paralytics one day ahead of schedule and his closely monitored response has been very encouraging so far. He awoke after just two hours and showed no noticeable signs of distress. He is feeling quite groggy still and his eyes have a glazed look about them but this is all to be expected. Let’s hope that Sergio can keep up this level of progress as it will...

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Day 91: Sunday 22/07/2012

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Well it’s been three days since the big operation and Sergio is making slow progress. After a jumpy and nervous few days adjusting various medications and ventilator settings, the medical staff now have him more stable and in a comfortable position. If all goes according to plan, Sergio will continue to be in an induced coma until Tuesday and then they may turn off his paralytics for him to wake up. It hasn’t been easy for him to recovery as quickly from this operation because it took a lot out of him. He was a strong boy beforehand so we pray for him to regain this strength once...

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