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Day 88: Thursday 19/07/2012

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Sergio went down for his surgery at 7:30am. During the 12 hour operation, the surgeons discovered that there was a hole in the fundus of the stomach, which was leaking. This ruptured hole is what was causing all the problems in his abdomen. The surgeons redid the Nissen fundoplication and said that his esophagus was undamaged and actually looking quite good. He will be paralysed for three days to ensure he doesn’t rupture his stomach. It’s true that Sergio has gone through a lot of long operations but hopefully now he will regain his strength and get back on track in a week or...

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Day 87: Wednesday 18/07/2012

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After much deliberation and careful analysis of new lab results, the Surgical team decided that the best course of action to treat Sergio’s infection would be to surgically operate on him. It was explained to us that the antibiotics may not be enough to threat this aggressive infection in his abdomen and there is a big worry that it could spread to other organs and do extensive damage if left untreated. A lot of scans and procedures were carried out today to fully brief the Surgical team ahead of tomorrows planned operation. Sergio’s condition has been gradually deteriorating over...

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Day 86: Tuesday 17/07/2012

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It was confirmed today by the Doctors that the infection that Sergio had in his abdomen was peritonitis. This rare infection was the cause of Sergio’s acute abdominal pain over the past week. Now that it has been identified, the hope is that the course of the antibiotics will be enough to treat and isolate the problem thus corrective surgery will be avoided. We are unsure at the moment as to how the infection came about but needless to say it has caused a setback in his recovery. Sergio was heavily sedated throughout the day to relieve his pain and only opened his eyes briefly. His...

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Day 85: Monday 16/07/2012

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We received a phone call early this morning from the hospital informing me that Sergio wasn’t well and that he had a rough night. His heart rate was extremely high and his belly was even more bloated. The doctors decided that Sergio would have to have an operation to remove the fluid buildup in his abdomen. When we came in to see Sergio, he was in a lot of pain despite getting more pain relief medication during the night. The surgeons performed the procedure in his room and were able to remove a lot of fluid which was then sent for Lab analysis. The swelling in his stomach immediately...

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Day 84: Sunday 15/07/2012

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Sergio is still feeling under the weather as he has continued constipation. This is a typical side effect from his last major operation and his stomach looks rather bloated from it. After having a few scans in his room Sergio went down to the radiology department for a CT scan of his abdominal region. Thankfully the results show no twists or snags in his intestines and hopefully the current problem will be resolved naturally with time. For the last couple of days, they haven’t been able to start weaning down on any of Sergio’s medication because he has been really needing...

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