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Day 68: Friday 29/06/2012

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Sergio’s fever has thankfully come down and is in a playful mood most of the time. Having said this, the nurse said that he was having a rough morning because they have started to wean off the medication once again. This means that sometimes out of nowhere Sergio gets himself into a state and holds his breath. It’s a typical example of a withdraw symptom. Ann Stack came to visit and she instantly made Sergio smile and laugh lots. The big news is that Mammy and brother Tadhg are on the way over from Spain and will be arriving late this evening. After eagerly waiting for more than 2...

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Day 67: Thursday 28/06/2012

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Got the news early this morning that Sergio was spiking very high temperatures during the night. This unfortunately means that todays operation had to be cancelled as a precaution. His lab results and chest X-ray show that he may have pneumonia in his right lung. Sergio himself is in good spirits and you wouldn’t know by the look of him that he was brewing this infection. He is now on antibiotics and the real drawback is that he can’t go to theatre for another week or so until he gets the all clear. On the plus side, Sergio had loads of time to have some quality cuddles with his...

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Day 66: Wednesday 27/06/2012

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Today was a much better day for Sergio as the withdrawal systems have dissipated for now. He sat out in his tumble chair and watched the entire Spain soccer game. He was much more awake and in better spirits when playing. Tomorrow’s operation is called an aortopexy and it is to help treat Sergio’s severe tracheomalacia of the airway. Hoy fue un día mucho mejor para Sergio ya que los sintomas de absitencia se han disipado por el momento. Se sentó en la silla y vio todo el partido de fútbol de España. Estaba mucho más despierto y de mejor humor cuando juega. La operación de...

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Day 65: Tuesday 26/06/2012

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The dreaded withdrawal symptoms really kicked in last night and all throughout today. Sergio is finding it difficult to sleep for any period of time and is waking up gapping and vomiting all the time. It’s very difficult to see him going through this rough patch of withdrawal pain. It was decided that since Sergio is having another fairly big operation this Thursday, it would make sense to stop immediately the weaning off process for now and increase his levels of methadone once again. This has unfortunately left him in a very drugged up state even when his eyes are open. At this moment...

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Day 64: Monday 25/06/2012

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Busy start to the day for Sergio. An X-ray was taken of his right leg and it shows that it is healing nicely. He still requires to wear the cast for a couple more weeks. Then the Orthopedic team came to adjust his leg cast to make it more comfortable. Finally the doctors removed Sergio’s chest drain and this will allow him to move around more freely without causing instant pain to his ribcage. The Respiratory team have deceased his ventilator settings as they were happy with how well it was tolerating the lower Peep. Its been a busy and productive day for Sergio. Un dia ocupado para...

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