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Day 56: Sunday 17/06/2012

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What a difference 24 hours can make! Sergio was full of smiles from the moment he woke up. He didn’t let go of his rattle for ages and was happy out biting away at it. He is much more stable today and it’s great to see him starting to recover his former energy. ¡Qué diferencia en 24 horas! Sergio estaba lleno de sonrisas desde el momento en que despertó. No dejó de lado su sonajero en mucho tiempo y estaba feliz de morderlo. Él es mucho más estable hoy  y es genial ver que esta comenzando a recuperar su antigua...

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Day 55: Saturday 16/06/2012

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Slight improvement overnight with Sergio sleeping better. He also has a yeast infection on his tongue but more worryingly is that the fluid from his chest drain has tested positive for it as well. He is on a new batch of antibiotics to help clear this infection. Doctors carried out ultrasound scans of his hips and lower abdomen to rule out other possible sources of Sergio’s pain. Sergio’s relatives from New Bedford came up to visit today and he was happy to see them all. Ligera mejoría durante la noche con Sergio durmiendo mejor. También tiene una infección de hongos en la...

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Day 54: Friday 15/06/2012

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Sergio is getting higher levels of morphine and valium for the pain coming from his right leg. He doesn’t liked to be moved position in his bed and has been in a very sedated state for most of the day. The doctors want to check to see if there are any other hidden fractures that they mightn’t have spotted before, so Sergio had a full body X-ray done today. Thankfully the results show that there are no other fractures present. In the afternoon they noticed that Sergio was having some reflux up his esophagus that actually ended up in his trachea. This means that his esophagus is...

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Day 53: Thursday 14/06/2012

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During the night Sergio’s nurse noticed that he was in real pain when she changed his nappy. It turns out that he has fractured his right leg above the knee. It’s unfortunate news and only adds to his current discomfort. A splint cast has been put around it for now. It is common for EA babies to get fractures because on the amount of time they stay in the same position whilst in a coma. On the brighter side, we received some good news about the leak in his oesophagus. They found that the small leak was just a slight vertical split and should heal up nicely by itself thus not...

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Day 52: Wednesday 13/06/2012

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Four of the hospital’s leading surgeons came to evaluate Sergio this morning. They are going to do a joint team approach tomorrow and between all of the surgical teams they will carry out four different procedures tomorrow morning. Therefore he has been put first on the surgical list. The added morphine that was given today helped significantly to alleviate Sergio’s pain. The surgeons put in a chest drain yesterday and it is now working well today. A lot of consent forms were signed off this evening in preparation for tomorrow’s many operations. Cuatro de los principales...

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