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Day 211: Tuesday 20/11/2012

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Big day for Sergio today with the move out of the intensive care unit and up to the 10th floor. He has been in this unit since his arrival 211 days ago and so everyone is delighted for him to be leaving. We are going to miss the wonderful staff who have cared for Sergio for so long. In particular, Sergio is going to really miss his primary nurse, Jenn, who has been so incredible in looking after him. The transition went very smoothly and we are very fortunate to have been transferred to a large room. This means that the twins will have plenty of space to play with each other. Our cousin Katie...

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Day 207: Friday 16/11/2012

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We had a full team meeting this morning to discuss Sergio's next steps. His trachea collar sprints were discussed and the medical team said they were pleased with their findings. The plan is to push ahead with hopefully decannulation in the future but there are still a few more goals to be achieved before this can happen. The other news is that they think that Sergio's nissen fundo may have become lose with the many bedside dilations. This explains why he has been vomiting a lot more recently. The problem with this news is that they can't re-operate until his stomach grows much...

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Day 204: Tuesday 13/11/2012

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Today the dilation balloon rod, which has been inside Sergio esophagus for some time, will be removed by the surgical team. They will then proceed to do a scope of the entire esophagus. Afterwards the surgeon reported back that the structure of the esophagus looked great even though there appeared to be some superficial irritation to the walls of the esophagus which was caused by the rod placement. He is confident that this will heal in no time at all. Hoy el balon para hacer dilataciones que ha estado dentro del esofago de Sergio algun tiempo sera retirado por el equipo quirúrgico. A...

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Day 200: Friday 9/11/2012

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After an early bath and dressing change of peg site, Sergio was all set for going for a spin in his go-kart. The sun outside was in full glory so we took full advantage and headed out to the garden and playground. Initially Sergio wasn’t too impressed with the sunlight shining upon his face, however he was quickly laughing afterwards as we adventured further around the wonderful garden. Today the plan is for Sergio to go a full 20 hours without the ventilator and also to wean his methadone medication. Thankfully Sergio is responding so well to his trach collar and didn’t require...

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Day 197: Tuesday 6/11/2012

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It’s a very promising sign seeing Sergio being able to cope so well while on a trachea collar for twelve hours straight. He still requires both oral and trachea suction from time to time but thankfully he is able to mobilize his secretions himself for most of the time. Since he is free of the ventilator, we are more mobile in terms of hauling less equipment around with us when going for spins in the ward on his trendy go-kart. Sergio loves it when he’s out and about saying hello to all the many nurses and doctors who have gotten to know him so well over the last six months. Es un...

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