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Day 114: Tuesday 14/08/2012

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It’s been four days since Sergio’s last operation so he is still feeling the pain from it. During the night Sergio had to be given an extra amount of morphine to counteract his chest pain and required more frequent suctioning. His condition improved during the morning time and his chest drain tube was removed later on in the afternoon. That meant we could lift Sergio out of his bed and give him some valued cuddle time. Ya han pasado cuatro días desde la última operación de Sergio por lo que sigue sintiendo algo de dolor.. Durante la noche, a Sergio le tuvieron que dar una...

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Day 113: Monday 13/08/2012

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The surgical team are very happy with how Sergio is recovering since last Friday’s operation. His feeds through his peg site were turned back on today and the weaning of the medication was also started. Sergio is certainly a very strong boy to tolerate so many operations and to come through them all still smiling is just remarkable. El equipo quirúrgico está muy contento de cómo Sergio se está recuperando de la operación del viernes pasado. Hoy le han empezado a dar el alimento por la sonda gastrica otra vez despues de la operacion. y le han reducido la medicación. Sergio es sin...

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Day 110: Friday 10/08/2012

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The alarms in Sergio’s room were ringing a lot during the night as Sergio was having difficulty keeping his oxygen levels up. He certainly wasn’t feeling great as his constantly high heart rate made him look exhausted. The Doctors called for a chest x-ray to be carried out at 5am to check for any change in the condition of his lungs. This was all a bit worrying as Sergio was scheduled to go for a series of operations later on in the morning. It was then explained to us very clearly the benefits of proceeding ahead with the planned operations. Dr Jennings, along with members of his...

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Day 105: Sunday 5/08/2012

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The Doctors are really active in weaning Sergio’s medication. It can be hard to find the right balance as too much weaning can lead to Sergio gagging and becoming very unsettled. Today he showed those withdraw symptoms and as a result he was quite restless for the majority of the day. Thankfully by evening time, Sergio was feeling much better and drifted off into a deep sleep. Tadhg, his brother, has been visiting him during the last few days. Los médicos estan continuamente bajando la medicacion de Sergio. Puede ser difícil encontrar el equilibrio adecuado pues quitarle demasiada...

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Day 101: Wednesday 1/08/2012

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Sergio was scheduled to go for his aortopexy operation tomorrow morning to help treat his tracheomalacia. However it had to be cancelled as the surgeons had to deal with an emergency elsewhere. We were not too disappointed as we fully understand and accept the reasons behind the cancellation. His operation will be rescheduled hopefully for early next week instead. Sergio himself is doing rather well and accordingly his peg feeds have increased. We noticed though that he is sleeping a lot more than usual over the last couple of days but his vital signs remain good and stable. La operacion de...

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