Sergio on TV3 News, 29th December 2011

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Sergio on TV3 News, 29th December 2011

Please click this link to see the news clip of Sergio that was on TV3.


A Dublin family is appealing for the public’s help to bring their 10-month-old son to America for life saving treatment.

Sergio O’Connor was born with a hole in his oesophagus which prevents him from eating, drinking or swallowing.

Sergio has spent the first ten months of his life in intensive care in Crumlin Children’s Hospital, separated from his brother and his mum and dad.

The family wants to bring their little boy to Boston to be operated on in order to give him a chance at life.

As they begin to prepare for the new year, the O’Connors are hopeful that next Christmas both their boys will be able to celebrate together at home.

You can get more information on Sergio’s life and donate here –