The Twins 3rd Birthday Party

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Monday 18/02/2013

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Those are 2 short videos of the day Sergio O’Connor left Boston Children’s Hospital and flew back to Ireland with AirMed.             First Video: Second...

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Sergio is Back

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Sergio O’Connor, Donal, Rosa and Tadhg arrived back in Ireland this week after a stay of over nine months in the Children’s Hospital Boston where Sergio underwent specialist life-changing operations and treatment not available in Ireland. Sergio and his father Donal travelled home by air-ambulance with refueling stopovers in Newfoundland and Iceland before arriving in Dublin late last night. They were met on arrival by an ambulance for transfer to Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children, Crumlin. Donal and his wife Rosa are so appreciative of the excellent care and medical...

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Day 270: Friday 18/01/2013

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Sergio had his scheduled esophogram this afternoon. The procedure was quick and Sergio was back in his room 30 minutes later. We weren’t able to get the formal report from the surgeons as they were caught up with another case and therefore didn’t get a chance to calculate the measurements. However the contrast studies appear to show no significant change from last week which is actually good news. Just before going to bed, Sergio’s nurse luckily spotted that his PIC line was somehow exposed and nearly falling out. Ironically there was talk that they might take out his PIC...

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Day 269: Thursday 17/01/2013

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Apologizes for not updating the blog since before Christmas. The truth be told, we have been on a bit of a roller coaster of highs and lows over the last few weeks. The main concern was that a small part of Sergio’s esophagus was narrowing right down and it appeared that the weekly dilations were not working. The surgeons then started talking about the possibility of needing further major surgery which would take several more months to recovery from. We were fairly devastated with the news that was delivered to us before Christmas. The surgeons said they would try one last approach...

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Day 236: Saturday 15/12/2012

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