Posts made in December, 2012

Day 236: Saturday 15/12/2012

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Visit Visita Eating...

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Day 234: Thursday 13/12/2012

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This morning the boys got a big surprise as they went to visit Santa for the first time ever. They went completely silence and appeared rather dubious about the big man all dressed in red. Sergio kept looking back and forth from Santa to me with an expression that more or less read “help me, I don’t like the look of this man”. Tadhg ran off to a hiding spot in the corner of the room and spied on Santa from a safe distance away. It was only when Santa produced two teddy bears that the boys’ mood change to one of sudden joy. It was great to see how they both responded to...

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Day 230: Sunday 9/12/2012

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Last night Sergio was very restless in his sleep, tossing and turning a lot. He kept waking up crying uncontrollably and jamming his fist into his mouth trying to take the edge off his pain. The pain team were eventually called and a rescue dose of methadone was administered quickly. It certainly settled him out straight away as the crying stopped. Yesterday they had just started to wean the methadone medication but Sergio had displayed early signs of experiencing withdrawal symptoms even before falling asleep. He was sweating so much that his pajamas and bed linen were completely soaking...

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Day 227: Thursday 6/12/2012

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Following Sergio’s dilation this afternoon, the Doctor called to give us a post-op brief. As expected, the camera scope spotted one small section of Sergio’s esophagus that had narrowed right down to 3mm. This confirms what was identified in the x-rays from last week’s esophogram. Today with a dilation balloon, they were successfully able to dilate it back to a reasonable size of 8mm. Then strong steroids were injected into the strictured tissue to help prevent it from narrowing up again. Hopefully this new technique will work as they plan to repeat the same process next...

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Day 224: Monday 3/12/2012

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Sergio’s multi-disciplinary team meeting was held today to discuss the next steps for his treatment. It was both impressive and reassuring to see the various medical staff in attendance working together to ensure that all parties are informed of the upcoming plan as the results last week showed us Sergio’s esophagus narrow. The agreed plan is for Sergio to go for a different type of dilation this Wednesday or Thursday. During this dilation they will inject steroids into the esophagus tissue that is stricturing with the hope that it may prevent this scar tissue from tightening....

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