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Day 187: Saturday 27/10/2012

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Sergio continues to make great strides in recovery. The medical team feel that he is in a good position to try and go onto a trachea collar for short periods of time throughout the day. This basically means that his ventilator will be shutoff and effectively he will be breathing completely on his own. The first trail went better than expected as Sergio didn’t require any suctioning. It’s all very positive news, with Sergio once again proving that he is strong enough to pass these trials with flying colors. The plan tomorrow is to increase the amount of time that he will be on his...

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Day 185: Thursday 25/10/2012

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The esophagus balloon dilations that are administered through his peg site are going so well. Before this new method was adopted, Sergio had to go down to the operating floor and go under anesthesia for the dilations. Now they can be done at his bedside without any sedation or pain medication and the whole procedure only takes about five minutes. Sergio had himself a wonderful day with most of the day free to do what he liked. First the play volunteer came in and spent a lot of time with Sergio out the floor on his play mat and then the Keith family paid a visit later in the afternoon. Sergio...

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Day 183: Tuesday 23/10/2012

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It’s hard to believe that Sergio arrived at Childrens Hospital Boston exactly six months ago. Sergio had a fun morning playing with Tadhg out on the play mat. In the afternoon he was transported down to the operating floor for his laryghael cleft repair operation. The surgeon was extremely happy with how the procedure went and said that things are looking good now for Sergio getting off his trachea in the near future. The images taken of his esophagus look very promising as well with no sign of scar tissue. Es difícil de creer que Sergio llegó al Hospital de Niños de Boston...

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Day 181: Sunday 21/10/2012

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I’m happy to report that Sergio has bounced right back from last Thursday’s operation and he was in good form all day. It only proves the fact that he is such a strong little boy. He has had six bedside dilatations of his esophagus since last Thursday. Obviously they are quite painful procedures but Sergio seems to be able cope with them better now. His peg site looks very sensitive and the nurses are keeping a close eye on it. The good news is that the cuff in his trach has been taken down so Sergio can once again hear his own voice which just cheers him up so much. Since the...

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Day 178: Thursday 18/10/2012

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By all accounts today was a really rough day for Sergio. He had his scheduled routine dilation in the operating room at 9:30am. Following the procedure, his surgeon came to us to the waiting room to explain how things went. For several tactical reasons including the fact that Sergio was having problems with his respiration during the EGC, the surgeon decided to try a different approach to doing the dilation. The adopted unique technique has been never carried before in the hospital and Sergio would be the first patient for it. A deflated dilation balloon was passed through his peg site into...

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