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Day 159: Saturday 29/09/2012

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Yesterday and today we noticed that Sergio was sleeping much more than usual. He was barely able to keep his eyes open today when he was awake. This is not the usual Sergio behavior. At first we though that it was his new trachea collar that might have tired him out completely. However his body temperature started to rise in the afternoon and he had real difficulty swallowing his secretions. We now believe that he has the flu. It came on so quickly and it really has shook up poor Sergio altogether. I still can’t believe how quickly his condition deteriorated over the space of only a few...

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Day 158: Friday 28/09/2012

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Yesterday Sergio went down to theatre for another EGD and a dilation. The surgeon afterwards reported that his esophagus was looking good and that he was also encouraged to see his Nissen Fundo intact. With each passing day, Sergio is regaining back his physical strength and this is very noticeable as he’s moving around a lot more now in his bed. This obviously brings back the old problem of getting himself all tangled up with the many wires and tubes. The other piece of news is that he has to wear an eye patch for 2 hours daily to help rectify his lazy left eye. Thankfully though it...

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Day 152: Saturday 22/09/2012

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If one was to judge how well Sergio was merely by his playful mood then you would think that Sergio was doing great. However the reality is that several episodes of vomiting and refluxing over the last 2 days have started to cause us some concern. Sergio’s feeds have been stopped and he has been put back on the CPAP ventilator as a precaution. It’s quite a strange thing to said but we’re hoping that it’s just a passing stomach bug and that it isn’t related to the last Nissen surgery. We managed to finally get Sergio off his morphine medication with no withdrawal...

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Day 149: Wednesday 19/09/2012

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Our recent string of good luck continued today with the results of Sergio’s morning procedures. His surgeon was very pleased with the way the dilatation went (12 ml) and also the scope of the nissen fundoplication showed promising signs of working properly. When Sergio returned from he operating room, he woke up almost immediately smiling and wanting to play again. The other great news is that he tolerated his trach collar brilliantly all day and therefore his LTV ventilator has been switched off. It’s incredible the rate at which Sergio has recovered from the last major operation...

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Day 148: Tuesday 18/09/2011

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As Sergio has been recovering really well lately and is currently in a stable position, the Doctors suggested that today they will try to take Sergio off the CPAP ventilator to see how he copes without it. This will be the first time that Sergio will be breathing on his own without a ventilator since he was less than 2 months old. After 2 hours Sergio didn’t seem to notice the difference and was happily breathing away and keeping his oxygen saturations levels nice and high. His response to this massive respiratory change was very encouraging and the Doctors then decided to keep him off...

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