Posts made in October, 2012

Day 176: Tuesday 16/10/2012

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The Childcare Services Department kindly gave Sergio a giant play-mat so that he can spent more time out of his bed. Most of his medication pumps are no longer needed hence Sergio is more agile with less wires to get tangled up in. He loved having the room to play freely on the mat with his toys and then obviously later he didn’t like it too much when he was put back into his bed. As Sergio has developed a lazy eye, he has to wear an eye patch when he’s awake. It doesn’t seem to irritate him that much but the only problem is that his skin is so sensitive and the adhesive...

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Day 172: Friday 12/10/2012

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This afternoon a meeting was held to discuss Sergio’s plan in terms of future goals. The lineup was very impressive with all the big players in attendance including Dr Foker, Dr Jennings and Dr Nuss. Since Sergio’s esophagus is looking good at the moment, the focus of attention has shifted now onto dealing with his respiratory issues. It is common knowledge that Dr Foker is not a big fan of trachs when they are not necessary. He said that everyone now has to do their best to help these babies develop and improve their standard of live. He had such a positive presence in the room...

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Day 170: Wednesday 10/10/2012

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Sergio had a good night sleep last night. This morning we were able to take him out of his bed to sit up in his chair which he really loved. Tadhg came over to visit and it was lovely to see the two boys happily playing with other. Tadhg was tickling Sergio’s toes which he thought was hilarious. There was a little bit of pinching and scratching going on as well but it was all in good spirits. In the afternoon Sergio had some desaturation episodes which he recovered quickly from. He holds his breath during these episodes and hence the saturation levels drop rapidly. Tomorrow they are...

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Day 168 Monday 8/10/2012

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Sergio slept right through the night and didn’t awake until after midday. Even when awake, Sergio appears to be lethargic and extremely drowsy. Therefore the Doctors are giving him a day of rest and therefore not going to wean on the medication or ventilator settings today. We are still clueless as to the reason why Sergio is currently feeling under the weather. His lab results are all coming back normal enough and the X-rays are not highlighting any concerns. At 3pm Sergio had a major desat episode where he turned purple in the face and had to be bagged to regain a regular breathing...

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Day 167: Sunday 7/10/2012

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We are a little bit more concerned for our Sergio today as he has been very irritated throughout the day. They increased his pressure support on his ventilator this morning but even with this new setting, he seems to be working too hard with his breathing. He had copious amounts of secretions which didn’t help the situation. By the afternoon, it became noticeable that Sergio had also developed a wheezy cough which is upsetting him greatly. All of this has left him feeling exhausted and even though he is trying to fall off asleep, his cough wakes him right back up. A decision was made in...

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