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Day 147: Monday 17/09/2012

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Another great day for Sergio. The doctors took down the cuff in his trach which means that some air is allowed to pass through his vocal chords thus he is making noises once again. Sergio’s primary nurse Jenn has been so wonderful in taking excellent care of Sergio since April. All of Sergio’s big care nurses in ICU, especially Jenn, have been tremendous all along, showing such dedication to their jobs. We are very grateful to these professional people. Otro día bueno para Sergio. Los médicos bajaron el nivel en su traqueotomía lo que significa que algo de aire se permite...

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Day 146: Saturday 15/09/2012

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Sergio had a good day today. He didn’t fall asleep last night until 4:30am and so he had himself a nice long sleep on this morning. Later in the afternoon, Sergio really loved playing his favorite game, peekaboo with his brother and it was lovely to watch him enjoying himself once again. His chest drain was taken out in the evening time which means that we should be allowed to take Sergio out of the bed for cuddles tomorrow. The Respiratory Team came down on the settings for his ventilator and now he is back on his normal CPAP ventilator. Sergio fell asleep at a more reasonable time of...

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Day 140: Sunday 9/09/2012

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Sergio has been struggling hard to recover from the grueling two day operation. He has been running a fever of 39c and his entire body is bloated looking. A cooling mat machine is helping to keep his temperature down and antibiotics have been started. Chest x-rays are showing quite a bit of fluid buildup in the chest area. The team are not surprised by these recent issues and are confident that once Sergio gets past these few days then things should start to improve. Sergio ha estado luchando duro para recuperarse de los dos días agotadores de la operacion. Ha tenido fiebre de 39c y todo su...

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Day 138: Friday 7/09/2012

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At 8am Sergio went once again down to the operating room to complete his operation. It was much harder this time around to see him leave for his surgery due to his weakened and delicate state, knowing the harsh reality that he would be on the operating table for a further ten hours or so. Sergio was brought back to his room at 7pm, looking quite shook-up to be honest. However the surgeons are saying that despite the length of time it took to complete, overall they are happy with the outcome of the procedure. They said that it will take a long time for Sergio to recovery from two straight days...

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Day 137: Thursday 6/09/2012

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Prior to this morning operation, Dr Jennings explained the entire surgical plan to us in detail. He said that it will take longer to perform this operation due to having to deal with the amount of scar tissue from the previous nissen attempts. Poor Sergio was oblivious to the fact that he was going down for surgery and happily left his room at 8am with a hugh smile on his face while lapping up all the attention from the surgical team. It was sixteen hours later before Sergio returned back to his room in ICU in a much quieter fashion. Unfortunately the news from the theatre room isn’t...

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